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Are you looking for an accountant who understands your industry? If the answer is yes, then Tribe Marine Accountants can help you. Based on the south coast, our specialist marine department offers expert financial and taxation advice to maritime businesses including boatyards, brokers, surveyors, marine repair specialists, marine electrical engineers, shipbuilders, chartering services and product suppliers.

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We understand and have a passion for the south coast’s marine and maritime SME’s. Many of our clients work in the marine sector and we successfully manage their tax and financial affairs.

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How clever accountancy and tax credits can generate cash benefit for your business

You don’t need to be a tech company to get R&D cash back

Many UK maritime and marine small business owners don’t realise that when they spend time and money improving a process, refining a service, or developing a product, their company could be due a significant cash rebate through the R&D tax credit system.

The mere mention of a phrase like ‘tax credits’ is usually enough to turn off business leaders and entrepreneurs, because it sounds like something intangible and not of immediate benefit. Yet the scheme is a misnomer, because it actually delivers real cash paid into your business on completing a successful claim.

Moreover, this incentive is not just limited to technology-based businesses. Any enterprise that takes some risk in improving its operations or customer offerings could qualify for some rebate by investing in personnel and materials.

The projects we find that qualify for R&D relief include development of more efficient systems, emission reducing initiatives and generally major technological improvements to outdated processes and systems, of course along with the development of new products.

There are a large number of marine companies that are either not aware of the relief or who assume it will not apply to them. On average, first claims in my experience can easily generate £30,000 of cash benefit, often much more, with one marine client benefiting from a claim providing a cash boost totalling £100,000 this year.

Rebecca Phillips, is a director at Tribe Advisory and Accounting

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Trust is a major deciding factor when choosing the most suitable accountant for your business. Below are two testimonials from clients who work in the marine industry. If you require any further information or have any questions, or if you would like to meet with us, please call us on +44 (0) 1730 719250, or email us at info@tribeaccounting.com.

With over 10 years experience of our business and in the marine sector, Tribe has been a valuable source of information to us, including proactive tax planning. It was crucial to us to have a marine-experienced accountant as one of our key advisers.
Sea-Fire Europe Ltd,
We have worked with Rebecca now for 8 years, growing our business from 4 employees to 24 employees. Together we have set out realistic goals for our company and with Rebecca overseeing the finer detail of the accounts side, have managed to achieve all. We wish to continue to grow our business and see Rebecca and her ideas key to us achieving these.
IME Repair Services Ltd,

Tribe Accounting are proud to be associated with British Marine. We operate under the British Marine South area, under the Insurance, Financial and Legal Services group.

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